Raffia Handbags

Still don’t know about raffia handbags?

Raffia is a material that has become a pure trend in recent years. If you review the trends of the seasons, you will discover that accessories designed with raffia are always among the most demanded.

They are part of your oufit for the day and for the night. If you want to know its most outstanding characteristics, we encourage you to continue reading:

Why should you buy a raffia handbag?

Great resistance

It is true that these handbags are more common when the good weather arrives.

Due to its great resistance to humidity, it is perfect to take it to the field, to the pool, to the beach, or anywhere else.

Adaptation to different styles

The wicker handbag is very versatile, designed to adapt to new times and styles. It does not matter what color or colors you like, what style of clothing you usually wear, or what you need, since it is very likely that you will find a raffia bag that fits your needs.

The same goes for size:

  • Are you looking for small handbags? You can buy them from Raffia, knowing that you have many options to choose from.
  • Are you looking for bigger bags to fit everything from the beach or the pool? You also have much bulkier options.

Sustainable trend

But what is undoubtedly the key to the success of this type of straw handbag is that we are talking about a completely natural material.

Consumers follow the trend of sustainable fashion. Now we are looking for materials and fabrics that are obtained directly from nature (organic materials).

They are related to a minimum emission level of pollutants in the environment. By betting on these materials, we contribute to do our little bit to make the world a better place.

Unique bags

In Kandhyma, online store for raffia bags, you can get this type of esparto handbag, designed with a material that will really withstand use and the passage of time, at a very reasonable price.

We are committed to helping you find the perfect balance between quality and price. We have a wide catalog of raffia handbags and carrycots available in different colors and styles.

Now that you know why the raffia handbag is so original, don’t delay in getting yours.

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