XXL Baskets

Carrying everything that women need sometimes seems like an impossible mission with small bags, but there is the perfect solution so that you even have more space: we are talking about the XXL carrycot. A large carrycot offers you enough space to carry everything you need while being fashionable.

These original large bags are the perfect complement to a wide variety of outfits for day to day, but also for special occasions. Large raffia bags are more fashionable than ever and are part of the look of all kinds of influencers and fashion experts that we can find on the Internet.

Made with the best materials

A large round carrycot like the ones you can find in this section are usually made using a material such as raffia, which is the main material.

For its large handles, velvet is also used to provide a soft touch to the touch, in addition to other materials that we can incorporate into our designs.

Although the materials are similar in all of them, the designs are not. You can find a large round raffia bag or a large wicker tote that has very different designs and uses velvets and ornaments in different colors. And the goal is for each woman to find the carrycot she needs to give that natural touch that her look needs.

We also include large zippered raffia bags to protect everything you decide to put inside.

In the production of these large baskets, as in the rest of our products, sustainable materials and compatible with the protection of the environment are used. In addition, the production process is 100% handmade to guarantee the highest quality in each raffia bag.

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