Weekend Bag

When the weekend arrives, it is also time to look splendid and to choose the outfits with which we are going to show our best version in our free time. There is no complete look until a weekend bag is chosen to complement it, so you have reached the right section if you are looking for one.

Weekend bags for women stand out for their visual appeal, for their elegance and for their originality with respect to the bags that any woman can use in her day-to-day life. A feminine and attractive weekend bag can turn a look that goes unnoticed into a total look that captures all the accolades.

Handmade bags

By choosing your weekend bag in Kandhyma you are also betting on the purchase of a bag that has been made by hand following artisanal manufacturing processes. Therefore, in addition to buying weekend bags with impeccable visual attributes, you are going to wear a bag that will not be the same as any other, since no two handbags are alike.

The weekend bags in this section are always made using sustainable materials. In this way you contribute to the sustainability of the fashion industry and incorporate into your look a sustainable and handmade accessory that is not at odds with the originality of the design and its visual appeal.

By choosing a women’s weekend bag from the ones we offer in this section, you will create much more interesting outfits. Our weekend bags are specifically designed to create perfect looks for weekends, where girls need to go out, unwind from their day to day and enjoy life a bit.

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