Customize your bag

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Do you want to innovate with a carrycot with a unique style, with a presence that stands out from other models on the market? Then you are looking for our custom carrycots.

We give you different customization alternatives so that you can create the carrycot you have in mind, in great detail. The client will be able to shape their own personalized raffia bag, being able to choose it from a wide variety of colors, in different materials (for the interior and for the exterior), with the embroidery that is needed, among other criteria.

You can also choose the size of our personalized carrycot online. So you can buy a model that is really designed to solve space and mobility problems. You will not be obliged to buy the first model you find on the market.

Why should you buy our personalized beach carrycots?

The feeling of wearing something unique

You can carry a beach carrycot with all the security that you will not find anyone who wears the same model.

With the high level of customization that we offer you, you will have the opportunity to shape something unique.

​It will only belong to you

We also work with personalized baskets with initials. Just tell us what your name or surname is, or provide us with the information of the person to whom you are going to give it, and we will add the initials to achieve an even more characteristic level of personalization.

Customizable down to the smallest detail

Do you want to buy custom round carrycots? With a size bigger or smaller than normal? In a color or tone that is not normally available on the market? With an exceptional space configuration? At Kandhyma we make it happen.

Echa un vistazo a esta sección de capazos personalizados y descubre como te podemos ayudar a crear un capazo con el que realmente te sentirás cómodo/a.

We customize mother & daughter baskets and hats

Kandhyma proposes to dress the same for both the summer and the autumn season. Following the trend of celebrities who dress the same or similarly as their daughters. The new line of Mummy&me, offers an original and fun idea, wearing the matching baskets or hats with the smallest and most flirtatious of the house.

Feel free to contact us, we will be happy to meet and address your needs. Please note that custom items cannot be exchanged.