About us

It all began during a family holiday on the beautiful white sands off the coast of Southeast Asia known as the Maldives Islands. 

Dreamy weather, sparkling waters and bright rays of sun engulfed two sisters of Spanish and English descent into a warm embrace. 

Syreeta and Tanya, both are in charge of hotels management in the South of Spain. And are experienced established business owners which they combine with designing luxury accessories. 

Inspired by the culture and beauty of the islands, the two sisters crafted gorgeous, floral accessory arrangements for their vacation, sparking an admiration and awe-inspiring curiosity from travelers from all over the world. 

Syreeta and Tanya knew they had something big here; a concept soon blossomed into an idea and a few years later, their idea bloomed into something incredible – @Kandhyma.
Named after the breathtaking island of Kandima, @Kandhyma was born from the love of travel, beauty, luxury and wonder. 

As the sisters left the Maldives, they found themselves in the grand city of Dubai – a place they both hold dear to their hearts. Here, in Dubai, they were swept up with the glamour and sparkle of luxury everywhere, this magical city was truly breathtaking. 
This excited them and further ignited their desires to launch into their own designing endeavors.

Today, after visiting numerous luxury and exotic destinations looking for inspiring ideas, Marrakech gateway, was certainly where the sisters saw a need for adding their decadent floral arrangements to these beautiful straw bags. They craved adding a touch of their sophisticated femininity to their collections and set out to make the most perfect accessories. 

From here, each collection is lovingly handmade in Spain with local craftsman who bring gorgeous elements of design and flavor into their creations.

Kandhyma’s line of sophisticated, feminine designs are the perfect accessories to take with you on an island adventure or out to the most cultured exotic destination. 

The Kandhyma designs are sure to compliment any outfit!