Dushanka Handbag

Dushanka Handbag


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Dushanka Handbag Unisex Straw Baskets.

If you just need a simple, affordable beach bag to carry all your gear, consider this striped retro-looking beachy bag as the best choice for a day at the beach, or simply to stay around the poolside…

Available in two different sizes.

Handles are lined, and a small golden Kandhyma mirror is hold inside.

Many celebrities love to share the same stylish accessories with their daughters. We Love Mummy&me Baskets!!

These bags, do not have any lining.

* Small size bag, 65 €.

Width: 15 cm.
Height: 26 cm.
Length: 25 cm.

** Medium size Bag, 95 €.

Width: 18 cm.
Height: 31 cm.
Length: 40 cm.

Kandhyma bags have a commitment and collaborates with Cancer Awareness.
For every bag purchased, you are contributing with 5 € to Spanish Cancer Association.


Dimensions 50 × 40 cm

Yellow, Green, Pink