Kamirenjaku Basket

Kamirenjaku Basket


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Kamirenjaku Basket.

This fabulous stylish Bougainvillea basket is beautifully decorated with the best quality silk fringe that richly covers the whole basket.

It’s adorned with all sorts of embellishments, such as silk fringe, tiny eyelash golden trims, pom-poms, and other gorgeous small fringed details which are hand-crafted with love.

A chunky golden chain adds elegance to this fabulous design, and elevates this fabulous basket from ordinary crafted Straw Bags.

Their handles are lined with sophisticated velvet to ensure comfort while carrying it, as well as to protect your hands from natural fibres.

The inner basket is fully lined to detail, with elegant touches.

A small side pocket holds a cute Kandhyma mirror to ensure that you always remain perfect at the beach, or at the office!

This amazing design, can be worn at the most exclusive and exotic vacation destination, matching your Stylish Swimwear outfit, but also can be used to party all night or even to take to the office!!

Select your favorite dress and your highest hills and you will shine like a diamond!!

Available in two different sizes.

Large size:

Width: 20 cm.
Height: 31 cm.
Length: 46 CM.

Price: 420 €

Medium size:

Width: 18 cm.
Height: 31 cm.
Length: 40 cm.

Price: 460 €

Mummy&me are a perfect election for those mums who wish to share their glamorous style with their daughters.

Kandhyma bags have a commitment and collaborates with Cancer Awareness.
For every bag purchased, you are contributing with 10 € to Spanish Cancer Association.


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