This beautiful basket full of character and personality.

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This beautiful basket full of character and personality could easily represent Andalusian women, due to it’s richly design and it’s vibrant colours.

It’s embroidery, and it’s color, which undoubtedly represent a hallmark of our land that has also crossed borders, are combined with silk fringes and precious crystal jewelled tassels.
This colorful eye-catching design is the perfect accessory to style from a more casual look into a more classy outfit.

Who said Baskets are only designed to be worn during summer months??

I’m addition to wear a unique handmade product, Straw Baskets are very resistant in adverse weather conditions. In the other hand, we are contributing to a natural and sustainable product.

It is also important in winter times to know that the interior of this bag is fully lined with sophisticated velvet with a drawstring closure design, to keep safe all your personal belongings in a discrete and sophisticated way.

Their handles are beautifully lined too with an extraordinary high quality soft velvet to protect your hands from their natural fibres aswell as to add comfort when carrying.

All baskets come along with a cute Kandhyma mirror and an embroidered dust bag, that will help you maintain your bag when in not use, aswell as it gives you the opportunity to wear also for the gym or simply strolling around any time of the year!

Please note all photos shown are medium sized bag. This design is also available in a larger size too.

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